Virtuoso (noun): a person who has great skill at some endeavor.

Virtuoso Consulting provides services to businesses looking to grow their brand, sales, operational consistency, and efficiency.

We partner with clients to help them refine who they are, where they want to be with their business, and develop strategies to enable them to accomplish their goals.  We achieve this through the development of business, branding, marketing, and best practices plans, as well as sales coaching.


Virtuoso Consulting is also available for keynotes and speaking engagements for companies, non-profits, and community organizations.


Virtuoso Consulting aims to be the partner of choice for the development and execution of growth strategies for small and midsized businesses in North Texas. 

The company was born from a desire to help businesses achieve their goals and set them up for success both now and in the future by being a resource of focused strategies for brand recognition, revenue growth, and organizational excellence.

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Monica Stanley is passionate about utilizing her natural talents and experience to empower businesses to accomplish their goals.

She founded Virtuoso Consulting in response to the need of small and midsized businesses to have access to the skill sets she has developed and the experience she has gained throughout her professional career.  Monica's varied career and natural abilities have enabled her to gain extensive knowledge in developing strategies and plans for business growth, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

Monica is a devoted wife and mother and enjoys spending time with the important people in her life, as well as being involved in the community.  She recharges by indulging in her hobbies of hiking, cooking, and singing.